walking tour

Les goules

Walking tour

This trail located on Ile Saint-Martin passes near the saline (345ha), walks between the vineyards of Domaine de l'Evêque and the creeks overlooking the ponds of Ayrolle and Campignol.


To access the trail from the Municipal Tourist Office, take the direction of Salins to the domain of Bel Evêque to reach the parking and descriptive trail sign.


Departure trail
km 0.000: At the descriptive panel turn left to return to the car access path.
Km 0.200: Enter the lagoon spaces.
Km 0.600: Arrive edge of the ayrolle pond. To the east, the fishermen's huts.
Km 1.500: On your left the tip of the beach (small sand tongue). Take a right, go up the hill to "vide gouget" to cross the plateau.
Km 1.700: View point on the reserve of the pond of campignol. In good weather you can see in the distance the peak of Canigou (Pyrenees).
Km 2.100: On your left combe leading to the "grotte du chinois" at the edge of the pond.
Km 3.200: Descent of the plateau towards "la combe de l’abeille".
Km 4.500: Cross "la combe de l’abeille" with on the left the vines, on the right the scrubland to join the point of departure.