walking tour

Chapel of auzils

Walking tour

The marine cemetery that one borrows to climb the Auzils includes 26 cenotaphs - tombs without bodies - erected in memory of the sailors disappeared at sea.
At the top, the Chapel of Our Lady of the Auzils (year 1080) with 73 exvoto, venerates Our Lady and thanks her for the perils that many sailors escaped after having implored her. At the beginning of the route you will also see the garden of the hermit


To access the path from the Tourist Office of Gruissan, take the direction of the chapel of Notre Dame des Auzils, cross the highway to reach the car park of the marine cemetery.


Departure trail
km 0.000: Take the path of the "Marin Cemetery" along the Cenotaphs.
Km 0.900: Arrival on the high car park of Notre Dame des Auzils. Stunning views over the ponds, Gruissan village and Gruissan beach, the Mediterranean Sea, the locality Les Ayguades, Narbonne beach and east Mount St Clair de Sète. Take a small path on the left towards the plateau of Notre Dame des Auzils.
Km 1.500: Access to the small rec (dry channel) and large rec.
Km 2.400: Release of the recs and arrival on the Figuières plateau.
Km 3.500: Viewpoint on the pond of Bages and the plain of Narbonne.
Km 4.500: Point of view to the north on the "Pech Redon" (culminating point of La Clape) Crossing the Figuières plateau from west to east.
5.700 Km: Arrival on the access road to the Vigie (forest fire monitoring tower), turn right towards the top parking of the chapel, then left to go down a dirt road.
Km 7.200: Ruin of the old sheepfold on your right. Continue the dirt road then turn right at the paved road to find your starting point, the parking "low" of the chapel.