Over the Canal du Midi



Here it is not one, but three channels that traverse our landscapes, sometimes straightforward, sometimes intricate, opening up many atmospheres and emotions.

The Canal du Midi, fabulous connection of man and trade between the different regions. At 241 km, it is a technical masterpiece surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

The Canal de la Robine, following in the footsteps of the ancient river bed of the Aude, crosses Narbonne and the lagoons before reaching the Mediterranean Sea.

The Junction Canal, as the name implies, connects the Canal du Midi with the Robine.


En bateau sur le canal de Jonction - Sallèles d'Aude - La Narbonnaise Surprenante Méditerranée

The three canals are open to shipping on March 17th. A sweet and original way to immerse yourself in a history and a territory.  © Christophe Baudot

L'été au port du Somail sur le Canal du Midi - La Narbonnaise Surprenante Méditerranée

At the water's edge, we take the time to taste the local products in the hamlet of Le Somail, mythical halt of the Canal du Midi.  © Emmanuel Perrin




A vélo le long des canaux - La Narbonnaise Surprenante Méditerranée

The towpaths are perfect for bike roaming: flat, rather shady, ... they are accessible at all levels.

Narbonne et le canal de la Robine- La Narbonnaise Surprenante Méditerranée

In the past the river Aude crossed Narbonne ... but in the Middle Ages this little capricious decided to change its river bed, so it is quite natural that the Canal de la Robine was established. © Christophe Baudot


Canal du Midi, le pont sur la rivière Cesse - La Narbonnaise Surprenante Méditerranée
The passage of a lock, or a canal bridge, is always a highlight for a navigator.


Le port du Somail, visite incontournable de La Narbonnaise Surprenante Méditerranée
[ESSENTIAL] le somail

Discover a hamlet remained as at the time of the canal. A moving place, where many surprises await you: a grocer's houseboat, Mrs. Cradock, an old bookshop ...

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La Réserve naturelle régionale de Sainte-Lucie à Port-la-Nouvelle, joyaux du Parc naturel régional de la Narbonnaise Méditerranée

The canal takes us to beautiful and poetic places. Here, a jewel of nature: the Regional Nature Reserve of Saint Lucie.

Le canal de la Robine, à travers Narbonne et l'étang de Bages Sigean - La Narbonnaise Surprenante Méditerranée

The Robine is also called the channel of the ponds, as it leads majestically through the lagoons of Bages, Sigean to the terminus of Port-La Nouvelle.