Totems of secrets

Totems dot the Narbonnaise and highlight the sites that "absolutely" must be seen.
Between artistic furniture and a tool for discovering Narbonnaise, these totems reveal a few well-kept secrets to those who approach them... Produced by artist Patrick Chappert Gaujal, the object is inspired by the forms of nature, so present and preserved in this regional nature park.

Discover the sites. At the end of your stay you will be unbeatable on nature, history and the local way of life.


Don't miss the Heritage house :


Maison de la Clape - Maison du Parc in Vinassan. Discover an amazing model show about the great evolutions of nature! This house will also reveal all the secrets of the Clape massif.


Bonnal House in Somail. Appointment with Miss Cradock, amazing, she will share the secrets of the three channels "Unesco"... at the time of its opening...


Amphoralis, museum of antiquity in Sallèles d'Aude. Dive into the amphora journey, and explore the site with a videoguide adapted to your child's age, to relive the ancient times.


The Palais des Vins in Narbonne reveals the secrets of the Narbonnaise vineyards but also of the terroirs of the Aude.



Choose the totem of your choice!!!!