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A small village in Narbonnaise, Mailhac is no less important in its history. Its valley and its oppidum shelter an archaeological site with more than 5.000 years of occupation ...

It lives well in Mailhac: the cobbled streets and the southern friendliness fly through the wide gates of the medieval walls.

All around the city, spreads the wide nature, fragrant scrubland and the famous wine growing region AOC Minervois.

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In the heart of the Minervois, we just lost between vineyard and garrigue.


Take the time to stroll through the alleys and watch 5000 years of history of the village.



The Oppidum of Mailhac, where the excavations never stop


Discover the remarkable works of art by visiting its church with his thousand colors ...

Here a wide nature, vineyards and scrubland spreads...