Peyriac de mer


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Located at the edge of the pond of Doul, Peyriac-de-Mer enjoys an extraordinary light which transforms the landscapes according to the time of the day.
Ideal place to walk, with its lively village square in the beautiful days, its streets that have preserved the doorways traces of the Templar crosses ...
At the end of small paths that border the pond, reveal the beaches of Doul ... One can swim there with the strange sensation of being in the heart of the Dead Sea, in weightlessness ...



We take the time to stroll in the heart of the village and we stop at the Canvas Art Gallery, facing the Town Hall.


Bordered by the garrigue hills, the lagoon and the ponds, one discovers the small harbor where are moored the boats of the fishermen.

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The pontoon, a remarkable work, allows you to cross the saline and observe more closely a natural life in the wild with multiple species of animals.


In Peyriac-de-mer we let ourselves be seduced by the wild nature, extended as far as the eye can see.

The lagoons change color in Peyriac-de-mer ... We come to observe the flamingos.

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