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It is a wooded hill at the exit of the village, a promontory from which we can discover the surrounding garrigue and in the distance the Mediterranean Sea.

The small village has preserved a picturesque atmosphere. It is a magical place that spoils its visitors.

Although the vineyard is the jewel of Roquefort-des-Corbières, its surroundings are equally remarkable : the rock of La Roque and the Saint-Martin hill offer splendid views of the coastal area.


Not to be missed, the Summer Festival held mid-August, with parade of lanterns in the streets of the village, dancing and fireworks.


We stop to visit the vast nave of the church, crowned by its imposing bell tower ...


On a walk we discover the three mills in the immediate vicinity of the rock "Roque" with a panoramic view of the valley.


Discover on foot, bike or horse extraordinary landscapes in the heart of unspoiled nature.

Enchanting viewpoint on the scrubland out from a sea of ​​vines ...