walking tour



It is the longest pedestrian circuit of Gruissan. You will discover an exceptional fauna and flora: lavender, thyme, rosemary, fennel, and numerous thistles, the Centaurée de la Clape unique in the world and which blooms only once. You will find a little shade sheltered by olive trees, cypresses, fig trees, Aleppo pines, green oaks or even Kermès oaks.
The Clape massif has some 8,000 species of invertebrate animals including 3 unique locusts in the world! You can also meet foxes, rabbits, badgers, squirrels. And if you have not forgotten your binoculars, you can observe all the birds that nest: kestrels, red partridge, sparrows, chaffinch, goldfinches, ortolan.

To access the path from the Municipal Tourist Office, take the direction of the chapel Notre Dame des Auzils. After crossing the expressway, make 300 m to join the descriptive panel located on your right.


Departure trail
km 0.000: Follow the road to Notre Dame des Auzils then at 50 m turn left towards "La Goutine".
Km 0.300: Turn right and enter the rec (often dry creek)
Km 0.700: Passage of the wood.
Km 0.900: View on your right of the cave of "La Crouzade".
Km 1.250: Access to the steps with view below on the "Marmites" of "La Goutine". Turn right towards the pine forest leaving on your left the old nursery "Rec d'Argent".
Km 2.000: Arrival on the low parking of "the Chapel of Notre Dame des Auzils". Possibility of continuing the path of "La Clape" or cut along the path of "La Goutine". Then turn left towards the picnic table. Possibility to start the trail "La Chapelle" from the parking lot, making a loop back to the same parking.
Take the direction of the path of the "Marine Cemetery" along the Cenotaphs (tombs without body).
Km 2.900: Arrival on the high car park of Notre Dame des Auzils. Stunning views over the ponds, Gruissan village and Gruissan beach, the Mediterranean Sea, the place called Ayguades, Narbonne beach and east Mount St Clair de Sète. Take a small path on the left towards the plateau of Notre Dame des Auzils.
Km 3.500: Access to small rec and large rec.
Km 4.400: Release of the recs and arrival on the plate of Figuières.
Km 5.500: Point of view on the pond of Bages and the plain of Narbonnais.
6.500 km: Point of view to the north on the nipple of "Pech Redon" (highest point of Clape). Crossing the Figuières plateau from west to east.
Km 7.700: Arriving on the access road to the Vigie (forest fire monitoring tower), turn right towards the top parking of the Chapel, then left to go down a dirt road.
Km 9.700: Ruin of the old sheepfold on your right. Continue the dirt road then turn right at the paved road to get to the car park at the bottom of the Chapel. Cross the parking lot towards the picnic table to continue the trail.
11.100 km: Passage in a small stream to see the pots. Then take a right to get on the plateau of "Castella".
11,600 km: One of the most beautiful views of Clape on the pond Gruissan, The village, Tower Barbarossa, Chalets, the Mediterranean and West Leucate.
Km 12.200: descent of the plateau from "Castella".
Km 12.500: Turn right into the ruin and follow the path until the rec. Arrive at the edge of the vineyard, then turn left to reach the paved road.
Km 12,700: Follow the road to the right and take the opposite road until you reach the S-bend.
13,600 km: End of the asphalt road on a dirt road.
14,200 km: Continuing the road on 400 m, starting point of the way to reach.
Km 14.700: end of way.